Find New Tires in Westport, CT

As the only component of your vehicle that actually touches the road, tires are perhaps the most important part of your vehicle when it comes to both safety and comfort. At Honda of Westport, we make it easy to find the right tires for your vehicle in Stamford, Bridgeport, and Norwalk as we offer a wide selection and competitive pricing on tires of all types. Visit our Honda service center near Fairfield, CT and give your vehicle a new set of tires today!

Understanding Tire Types

While you may hear about snow tires, summer tires, and all-season tires, understanding the differences between each tire type will help make you more informed when it's time for your next set. As the name implies, snow tires or winter tires are best suited to deal with the weather that comes along with the winter months in Connecticut. Not only do these tires offer special treads that grip ice and snow, but the rubber compound is different as well. Winter tires use a softer rubber that is more flexible at colder temperatures, so you have the grip you need even on dry winter roads.

Meanwhile, summer tires use a harder rubber compound that can stand up to the scorching hot pavement of a Connecticut summer. This harder compound resists wear at high temperatures while still providing excellent grip for your fun summer drives.

All-season tires are a jack-of-all-trades that are serviceable all year long. While they may not offer the premium grip of winter tires when the snow flies, and they'll wear more quickly in the summer, all-season tires are good if you drive occasionally but won't need to get through the roughest conditions.

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No matter what tires you need, Honda of Westport will be here to help! We offer competitive pricing on a wide range of tires so you can find exactly what you need. Even better, we offer in-house alignment services to help extend the life of your tires so you can drive further with confidence. Schedule an appointment for tires in Westport, CT, today!