New 2018-2019 Honda Lineup for Sale in Westport, CT

Meet the well-rounded Honda lineup: we're sure you'll find a vehicle that fits your lifestyle

At Honda of Westport, located in Westport, CT, we have a huge selection of new Honda models. Our inventory is always changing, but there is a good chance that when you drive in from Stamford or Fairfield you'll have more than 300 models to choose from!

Sedans and a Hatchback

The Honda brand has been around for decades and in that timespan they've developed a well-rounded lineup to meet various driver-needs and budgets. If you're looking for a sedan (or lower to the ground vehicle) you'll have a few options. The smallest is the pint-size Honda Fit, and this hatchback is ready to take on buzzing cities, like Bridgeport. While no parking spot is too small for the Fit, don't write this hatchback off as being cramped. The Honda Magic Seat® makes the Fit an unexpected hauler and the interior is surprisingly spacious.

Afterward we have the Honda Civic - a model that hardly needs an introduction. This Civic is popular with young professionals looking for a well-priced, well-equipped, and stylish ride. Due to the Civic's popularity, designers have developed three styles: sedan, hatchback, and coupe. We carry all three versions and occasionally have a performance-focused Honda Civic Type R model on our lot.

Rounding out the sedan lineup is the Honda Accord and its midsize exterior make it appealing to smaller families or drivers who want a vehicle with a more "executive" look. The Accord underwent a stunning 2018 redesign and its new look is European, sleek, and can be parked in front of even the most imposing Norwalk home without looking out of place! There's also a Honda Accord Hybrid for fuel-conscious shoppers, and aside from the badge on the back you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the gasoline or hybrid version, which a lot of shoppers appreciate.

The Crossovers

These options are great, but we know not everyone can get away with a sedan or likes the lower ground clearance. That's when the crossovers come into play. The smallest is the Honda HR-V, and the relatively new subcompact crossover that first arrived in 2016 is akin to the Civic in that it's a popular choice with young professionals. We also see a lot of empty nester who're eager to downsize come buy or lease one! The HR-V also has the Honda Magic Seat®, and it's known for being one of the most cargo-friendly options in its segment.

Up next is the Honda CR-V and it's a top choice for families. The nice thing about this model is you don't need to get the highest trim to receive an exciting number of features. Go one trim up from the base and you'll be wowed by the list of offerings and attractive price tag. Still need more room? No worries, as this brand has a three-row option called the Honda Pilot. It seats 7 or 8 passengers, so whether you always need all seats or help with carpooling and only need the third-row a few times a month, you'll have the flexibility with the Pilot.

The Minivan and Truck

The final two options in the lineup are the Honda Odyssey minivan and Honda Ridgeline truck. The Odyssey is great for families with smaller children, due to how easy it is to load everyone into a minivan. Available features like CabinTalk™ and the HondaVAC™ make the Odyssey extra appealing; no more hoarse voice or crumbs. In the truck world, the Ridgeline may not be a heavy tower, but drivers who mostly want a useful bed will love this model. It has available and innovative in-bed technology, it's approachable, and it truly rides like a car, meaning everyone in the family will feel comfortable behind the wheel in case they need to borrow it.

For more information on the Honda lineup, stop into our dealership this week!

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