Is Your Car Ready for the Winter Season?

The Service Center at Honda of Westport Can Help

Winter is Fast Approaching...

The air has definitely been colder in the morning, and you've probably seen some of the birds headed south.  Winter is on its way.  With the changing of the seasons comes a slew of cold, snow, and ice.  While this can cause many complications in our lives, many of us feel it when we are on the road.  Yes, our cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans are all impacted by the winter months.  If you want to be prepared for when the winter weather hits, you should get your winter service from the service center at Honda of Westport, located at 186 Linwood Avenue in Fairfield, CT.

Winter Service Helps You be Prepared

As you may know, the cold, snow, and ice can have a heavy impact on your vehicle.  Extreme conditions can cause a reduction in performance if your car is not properly serviced.  At Honda of Westport, we provide the winter services drivers need to be prepared for this weather.  Below are just a few of the winter services we provide.

Tire Services

Changeovers, rotations, and balancing are just a few of the tire services we provide to help folks get set for the winter months.  You can buy winter tires from us and we will install them for you.  When it comes to snow and ice on the roads, winter tires are the only ones designed to deal with those conditions.

Car Battery

Before you freeze because your car battery died in the cold, our service center can inspect it and make sure that it won't quit on you during a subzero-degree day.  We can also replace your battery if it is necessary.


Our service center can make sure that your oil, coolant, and windshield wiper fluids are where they need to be at the start of the winter season.  This can make sure your vehicle performs as expected in the harsh conditions.

Brake Service

There aren't many scarier thoughts than not being able to stop on snowy and icy roads.  Our factory-trained, Honda-certified service technicians can make sure your brake system is set to go for the slippery roads ahead.

Make Your Winter Service Appointment

Winter service is vital to keeping your vehicle in the best shape possible this season.  Set up your winter service appointment at Honda of Westport, in Fairfield, CT, today and get off to a good start before the first winter storm of the season.