Oil Change Service in Westport, CT

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, keeping up with oil changes is the most important way to ensure your vehicle can meet the demands of your daily driving routine. Engine oil is critical to the life of your engine, but it doesn't last forever. Ensure you are getting the regular oil changes your vehicle needs at Honda of Westport service center, serving Stamford and Bridgeford, CT.

Why Oil Changes are Important

So why are oil changes such an important step in maintaining your vehicle in Norwalk or Fairfield, CT?

Inside your engine, metal parts are moving at incredible speeds and the only thing stopping them from being in direct contact with each other is your engine oil. Unfortunately, engine oil breaks down over time due to both heat and friction within your engine. When this happens, it loses its ability to coat those metal surfaces, allowing them to contact one another. The resulting friction causes both extreme heat and physical wear that will destroy even the newest engines in short order.

Therefore, ensuring that you are changing your oil according to your service manual is vital to keeping your vehicle running as it should for hundreds of thousands of miles.

When Should I Change My Oil?

While your owner's manual will tell you when your recommended oil change interval is, other factors can shorten the amount of time you should take between oil changes. If you frequently drive in heavy city traffic, you tow heavy loads, or you frequently drive up large inclines, it might be a better idea to shorten your oil change interval to make up for the added strain your engine is continuously under.

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