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Compare the New Honda Civic

When it comes to finding the right vehicle for the years ahead, the abundant options in the Westport, CT area can make narrowing down the abundant options incredibly difficult. To help our customers find the perfect vehicle for their future, the Honda of Westport team is preparing comparisons so that drivers throughout Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk, Fairfield, and beyond can more easily find the perfect vehicle for the future. One of the most impressive models, the Honda Civic, has been a long-standing icon of satisfaction and reliability, though it is not without competition, so browse our head-to-head comparisons to get a better idea of what each model holds in store.

Honda Civic vs Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla is another long-running model and is one that many drivers are drawn to, but when matched head-to-head against a new Civic, the Corolla falls well short of the mark set by the Civic. See the comparison below for more.

  • Once again, the astonishing fuel efficiency of the Civic is far superior to that of the Corolla, highlighting the impressive combination of performance and value that have made the Honda brand such an icon of driver satisfaction.
  • The Honda Civic also offers more power from the engine lurking beneath the hood, effortlessly overpowering the Corolla for a more thrilling drive every time you get behind the wheel.
  • Though both models are mostly evenly matched in safety ratings, the Corolla does fall short of the Civic's 5-star rollover rating, earning only 4-stars, and further enhancing the advantages of the new Civic.
  • The new Civic also offers slightly greater interior passenger volume, but when it comes to comfort even the smallest differences can become noticeable, and on long trips, you'll appreciate the advantages of the Civic, no matter how slight.

Honda Civic vs Subaru Impreza

One of the most prominent competitors, the Subaru Impreza offers standard AWD, which helps it to stand out, but can it match the high mark set by the Honda Civic?

  • With far superior fuel economy, the new Honda Civic is able to easily outperform the Subaru Impreza which offers comparably meager fuel economy ratings.
  • Along with superior fuel economy, the Civic offers a more impressive power output, making for a more dynamic driving feel.
  • Far superior interior passenger volume ensures the comfort of passengers and drivers alike within the Civic, while the Impreza is noticeably more cramped than the Civic.
  • For safety ratings, the Civic offers many more 5-star governent crash test ratings than the Impreza, which fell short in overall frontal barrier crash ratings for driver and passenger sides, as well as in side pole ratings on the driver side.

Honda Civic vs Hyundai Elantra

Though the Hyundai Elantra makes a strong effort to contend with the offerings of the new Honda Civic, when we examine the details closer, we find that the Elantra is another example of a model that falls short of the mark set by the Honda Civic.

  • As is becoming more and more common, the Civic easily outdoes the Elantra in terms of fuel economy, offering noticeably superior ratings and extending every outing with ease.
  • many drivers may suspect that to get better fuel economy, the Civic doesn't offer thrilling performance, but this assumption is incorrect, the Civic once again outperforms the Elantra with more available horsepower and torque for a more responsive and satisfying drive.
  • The Honda Civic offers a larger trunk space, so you can easily store more gear or cargo for your outings than in the Elantra.
  • In terms of interior volume, the Civic offers a more spacious interior, so drivers and passengers will find themselves enjoying a more comfortable time on the roads of the Westport, CT area and beyond.


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