If you are reaching the end of your Honda lease contract, you are probably wondering what your best course of action may be to ensure the return process goes by smoothly. Well, here at Honda of Westport, our certified lease return center is here to help, so let us go over with you what you can do to ensure your lease ends on a positive note. Our dealership is located at 1372 Post Road East in Westport, CT and we are just a short drive away from Fairfield.

Maintain and Calculate

Before you return your leased Honda, you must ensure that the car, truck, or SUV is in its original leased condition before you return, which means ensuring everything is cleaned inside and out. It also means that any existing damage, including all dents, scratches, and other deformities are addressed. Fortunately, our service center is just a short drive away from our dealership at 186 Linwood Ave in Fairfield, CT. You may also want to check your accumulated mileage to ensure your cap has not been exceeded as any overages could incur additional penalties. Keep an extra copy of your lease contract handy as well to ensure all additional requirements for return are met so that you can move on to the next steps comfortably.

Now, when all of these conditions are met, and the vehicle is in exemplary condition, you have a few options for what to do when you return your leased Honda to our dealership. You may purchase the car from us, if you decide that this is the right car you want in the future, and our finance center team can give you a range of financing options to choose from. Most customers start a new lease contract with us, so if you choose that route, you may renegotiate a new lease contract on the brand-new Honda of your choosing near Bridgeport.

Return Your Leased Honda to Us Early for Convenience!

Our Honda dealership is an authorized early lease-end return center, so when you are ready to start a new Honda lease or simply conclude your current one, schedule a service appointment then come see us here at Honda of Westport. We are conveniently located a short drive outside of Stamford, come see us today!